Apache Pig Interview Questions has a collection of 50+ questions with answers asked in the interview for freshers and experienced (Programming, Scenario-Based, Fundamentals, Performance Tuning based Question and Answer).This  course is intended to help Apache Pig Career Aspirants to prepare for the interview. We are planning to add more questions in upcoming versions of this course.Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets that consists of a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. The salient property of Pig programs is that their structure is amenable to substantial parallelization, which in turns enables them to handle very large data sets.Course Consist of the Interview Question on the following TopicsPig CorePig Latin Built In FunctionsUser Defined FunctionsControl StructuresShell and Utililty CommandsPerformance and EfficiencyTesting and DiagnosticsVisual EditorsAdministrationIndexMiscellaneous