In this Final Cut Pro x Tutorial, InfiniteSkills introduces you to this latest version of the popular video editing software from Apple. Whether you are a pro transitioning to FCP X, or a beginner who just wants to put together clips of your children, this video tutorial will teach you how to use Final Cut Pro x! In this Final Cut Pro x tutorial, you will be starting with the very basics – setting up your preferences. From there, you will cover topic like organizing and planning your projects, importing your source material, and setting up your project. You will then jump to the heart of the matter – editing. Ripple edits, replace editing, three-point edits, even editing and managing your audio – you will learn it all. This Final Cut pro x tutorial then brings the fun with transitions, filters and matts. You will create titles, and add text and even animations to your video. A closer look at color management leads to the most important – sharing your video, and a multitude of output options. By the conclusion of this computer based Final Cut pro x tutorial, you will be expert on How to Use Final Cut Pro x and be fully capable of importing, editing sprucing up and finally outputting all your video projects, from feature film to baby's first steps. This course includes extensive video and audio working files so that you can learn alongside the author with the same file he is showing in the training.</p>