Needs are changing with time and so the technology. Self-driving cars, or Siri, what do these have in common? Well! they are largely the examples of machine learning being utilized as a part of this real world. Machine learning today has changed the way we look and the way we interact with the technology.Even the healthcare sector is getting transformed by the ability to record massive amounts of information about individual patients, the enormous volume of data being collected is impossible for human to analyze. Machine learning provides a way to automatically find patterns and reason about data, which enables healthcare professionals to move to personalized care.There are many possibilities for how machine learning can be used in healthcare, and for this reason we have outlined the course of Applied Machine Learning in healthcare only for you that offers a hands-on experience on how to build actual projects using the Machine Learning Datasets.This course covers five python implementations with the project series, that will explore medically related data sets by solving the critical issues using state of the art machine learning techniques.This course will give you the hands on experience working on the Breast cancer detection project. We will be training a K nearest algorithm model as a support vector machine to predict whether the cell is cancerous or not.The second project is followed with the Diabetes onset prediction. We will be focusing on Neural networks that will help users to learn similar implementation on wide variety of problems.The third project will be the DNA classification project, here we will using the sequence of E-Coli(Escherichia coli)as our input data, by creating a classification based machine learning algorithm.The fourth project will be the Heart disease prediction project. In this course we will be building a training algorithm that predicts coronary heart disease.The fifth project will take you to the Autism screening, that will cover several supervised learning techniques to diagnose Autistic Spectrum Disorder based on behavioral features.The bonus part of this projects will be Data Pre Processing. This course will cover handling the type of data i.e. typical to the health care field in addition to some cool machine learning techniques such as Neural Networks and other Supervised learning techniques such as simple linear classifiers.Get started in machine learning with this epic intro course that makes machine learning simpler and easy to understand! Dont let time slip from your hand. Enroll your name now and learn a bit on how Machine Learning can be used in the health care field.