Arabic for tourism makes learning Arabic so easy, if you want to visit the Arab world for tourism or business,so be your guide, and take this course, you are going to learn everything could help you in your trip, asking for places, reserving a hotel,,,,,,etc.We have a special way of teaching, we believe that the fastest and easiest way to learn Arabic or any language, is the same way we learned when we were young, when we were toddlers we were only listening then we started talking then learning new words and so later writing our course is that form, first step is listening the native speakers and repeating what they said.So the lesson starts with a video conversation, then we explain to you each word in the conversation, it’s separated into units,each unit has lessonsand each unit has vocabulary lesson.The English translation (for understanding)The recorded conversations (for pronunciation)The written words in English letters (for spelling)The question and answer parts for active participation(to save the information in your brain)