ARM Processor A to Z (Introduction, Part 1)



****************************************COURSEOUTDATED*******************************We’re living in the era of embedded technology where we rely daily on embedded systems in everything in our lives like home appliances, cell-phones, robots, cars, printers and much much more.This course can change your life and career as embedded market is growing too fast and the need for trained accredited engineers is increasing. This part along with up-coming parts is considered as embedded systems diploma qualifies you to take AAME (ARM Accredited Micro-controller Engineer) accreditation. In this part I’ll introduce you to ARM technology and the tools you’re going to need in the learning process. All lectures are taught and edited in HD eye catching videos to ease the learning and simplify the material as much as possible. While putting the course material together I kept in mind to make this course informative, organized and joyful to keep you interested to grasp more knowledge about this technology. Also, I kept in mind that the whole parts series are made to take you from just a very beginner with absolutely zero experience about embedded systems to expert, qualified engineer.