Art of War by Sun Tzu – the Tao of Leadership



Art of War is one of a handful of must read leadership classics.It is one of the most quoted but least understood books on the subject.It’s also quite a difficult read because 60% of the book is about the Chinese terrain and climate and about moving men and supplies.This can feel like a waste of your valuable time but the remaining 40% is pure gold.It’s a book about the mental and spiritual preparation for leadership.It makes it very clear that strategy and the motivation of others begins with self control.In this course we focus all of your attention onto the gentle art of stilling the mind to feel the force.In 45 minutes you will discover the essence of Sun Tzu’s leadership message without needing hours of study.The book is NOT a manual on ways to be ruthless and unprincipled. In fact it’s the polar opposite whilst still having the objective of instructing the reader in the ways of undisputed and total success.