How to use meditation with your children to create an effortless and enjoyable bedtime routine in four easy steps, even if:- You have tried other sleep methods for children, to no avail.-You have no experience with meditation yourself.- You have no time to meditate.- You have lost all hope in ever having a bedtime routine that works.Let me explain howIn four easy steps I will introduce you to The Secret to Deep Sleep.Creating a Routine that Works.Meditation and the Subconscious Mind.Setting the Scene to Get Results.1. The Secret to Deep SleepMost sleep methods focus around the act of putting your child to bed at night. With step one, the Secret to Deep Sleep, it starts from the minute your child wakes up in the morning. Knowing exactly what to do during the day to make sure your child is tired going to bed is key to sleep success. More on this later…2. Creating a Routine That WorksCreating a routine and creating a routine that works are two very different things. Using the most effective routine means you dont waste months trying to implement a routine which doesnt deliver the desired effect. No thinking, wondering, second guessing yourself or investing in a sleep expert, just plug and play my bedtime routine. Trust the routine and get results. 3. Meditation and the Subconscious MindThis is my secret weapon to sleep success and it can be yours too! Programming the subconscious mind isnt as scary as it sounds. In fact, we are doing it all the time but without awareness of it. I dont know of any other meditation experts who teach this powerful technique. Its a simple process but one that you need to learn about in order to reap the rewards. 4. Setting The SceneSetting the scene isnt as simple as mood lighting, although that does help! Knowing how to optimise your childs bedroom for sleep will fast track your sleep success. Follow these proven tactics and optimise your childs sleeping environment to get the results you want. Ready to use meditation to make bedtime an effortless and enjoyable activity?Join this course and get:The four key factors which influence sleep.A full walkthrough of a bedtime routine that works.How to effectively use meditation for sleep to make bedtime an effortless and enjoyable experience.Access to 5 custom created meditations for sleep written specifically for children – you get both the audio to download to listen to and the meditation scripts to read to your child.How to optimise your childs bedroom for deep sleep.My troubleshooting guide if things go wrong.Plus, access to information sheets, cheat sheets and further resources.And there are these happy parents, grandparents and carers who have reaped the rewards from using my guided meditations.Five Star Reviews:Woo hoo! My son was asleep before the end. Thank you. ~ CynthiaThis works every time with my daughter. She even asks to listen to it. Thank you! ~ TammyVery helpful for my restless 2-1/2 year old. Thank you. ~ TaylorSends my daughter to sleep every single time! ~ HeatherMy 3.5-year-old son asks to listen to this every night at bedtime. Such a lovely intro to meditation for my child. ~ MeredithMy kiddos have yet to make it through this to the end! ~ LauraAmazing……4 and 8 year old calms completely down. Love it. ~ LeAnnaThis is lovely. Quickly becoming a beautiful habit for my 4-yr old daughter and I each night. We love it. ~ AmyKnocked my 4 year old out to sleep within 6 minutes! Yay! ~ Basia