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Learn from a professional athlete, nutritionist, dietitian, martial artist, boxer, parkour and breakdance artist on how to do HIITand Body weight exercises and nutrition knowledge to gain muscle, lose weight, preventative medicine, therapeutic diets, sports nutrition, calorie intake, phytonutrients and anti-aging foods and scientific nutrition.An athletic workout showing range of HIITbased body weight exercises targeting all the muscle groups in the body. Learn how to do all the exercises with a good form. This is a perfect training regime included with plenty of technical tips, conditioning and strengthening. You will learn how to exercise properly and safely. All the videos have a live footage material. Learn how to execute a powerful body weight workout such as lunges, spider, snow-boarding, Burpees, mountain climbers, climber jacks, shoulder taps, squat kicks and much more. Also, you will learn to form your on circuit tailor made to benefit yourself.