Attract New Clients and Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn



If you’ve ever thought, Ive been on LinkedIn for years, and no one has ever reached out to me to ask if I’m taking on new clients,” don’t be so quick to blame LinkedIn. Instead, let’s take a look at your networking strategy, and how you can start using LinkedIn to its full potential!In this course, we will focus on the networking component of LinkedIn. Specifically, how to make new connections, how to nurture current connections, and how to attract future clients who want to hire you.We will dive deep into how to make networking less fake and horrible, the do’s and don’t of networking, and we’ll even provide templates that you can copy and paste to help make growing your network easy. This course is designed to help you win the long-game by cultivating genuine connections that lead to business opportunities take time and consistent effort.This course is not for the person who is interested in achieving overnight success blasting people with a pitch about your product or service and wondering why no one responds to you. Why trust me? Im a freelance Virtual Assistant who got really serious about LI and not only grew my network from under 500 to over 1,500 relevant connections quickly, but am now fielding job offers for my freelance services through the platform. Im excited to share my tips to help you do the same, and I look forward to seeing you in the course!