Audio SPANISH PHRASE BOOK: for work, travel, school and FUN



Course Description:In this Beginners course you will learn how to properly pronounce every word in Spanish. You will then learn hundreds of key phrases to comfortably and accurately speak them and communicate with native Spanish speakers.This Beginners Spanish course is for you if you goal is:To start speaking complete Spanish sentences by the end of lecture 4To be able to travel to a Spanish speaking country and easily communicate with the localsTo speak Spanish whether you are traveling for business or leisureTo enjoy the full experience when traveling to a Spanish speaking countryOverview and Contents:This course includes 18 fun and easy lectures to get you started Speaking Spanish quickly. In this course you will quickly learn how to pronounce every word and phrase in Spanish. You will then learn hundreds of Spanish phrases to communicate in several circumstances. You will learn how to talk to native Spanish speakers in real life everyday situations from meeting new people, to finding your way around a Spanish speaking country, to ordering food, sightseeing, making purchases, telling time, making appointments and much, much more.What are the requirements?Internet accessPen and paperThis course is taught in EnglishNo prior knowledge of Spanish needed