In Australia, like the rest of the world, privacy matters. This course is about Australian privacy law awareness. Youll learn how to protect your personal information privacy. And, youll explore key workplace information privacy concerns.The Australian privacy law awareness courseIdentifies Australian federal and state privacy legislationHelps protect your personal information privacyExplores key workplace information privacy concernsAustralian privacy law awarenessYour personal privacy is important. It helps you attain autonomy and maintain individuality. However, there are concerns about gathering, storing, using and sharing personal information.Globally, privacy laws are changing. Legislators are trying to find a balance between personal privacy, security and overall societal benefit. Of course, Australian privacy is no exception.This awareness course addresses three privacy topics.1. Federal & state legislation outlines federal and state privacy lawsWell also explore the notifiable data breaches scheme2. Your privacy approaches Australian privacy legislation from your personal viewpointHow to make a privacy complaintWhat to do if you get a data breach notificationYour My Health Record privacy3. Workplace concerns addresses key privacy issues frequently occurring at workExplore compliance obligations, health privacy and employee privacyImportant as privacy is, it can be dry. To break it up, Ive included some privacy tales. These are simple, cartoon-like stories, inspired by real Australian privacy complaints.Each topic has several online quizzes and a bibliography.Workbooks help you reflect on privacy-related questions. Indicative solutions are provided after the final lecture.By course completion, you’llBe aware of Australian privacy lawKnow how to look after your own privacyAppreciate key workplace privacy concerns