Have you have written or want to write a book, and want to make a career from writing? Believe it or not,Gwynn White,two-timesNew York Times, USAToday and WSJbestselling fantasy author is here tohelp.Writing the book is just half the story. This is the otherpart – the packaging, cover,launch, marketing and selling. Without it, writing a book to sell isn’t going to go far. Ideally, this should be done before the book is written! Gwynn will take you step by step from launch, to bestseller.Save yourself years of learning by doing this comprehensive course.Gwynnteaches you how your book should be presented and marketed to give it the best chance of hitting thebestseller lists.This courseis suitable fornewbiesto digital publishing – from start to bestseller status, learn from someone who actually has done it, and does it every day.What you need to know, to reach a point where writing can become a full time and lucrative career is all here:traditional publishing versus Indie publishingthe power of writing aseriesthe right book titleformatting your ebookcover designback cover blurbsfinding your book nicheebook pricing strategiesgetting the most out of the major digital storescreating and reaching an audiencesocial mediaand how to use it to sell bookslaunch strategymaking a career out of writing, and much, much more.Apart from being a talented writer, Gwynn Whites rapid rise to the top is a result of hard learning from the best indie-published authors in the business. “Be a Copy Cat” is one of her lecture titles, and for good reason. Thanks to her own flair for marketing, added to the successful marketing techniques used by other bestselling authors, two of her books, included in multi-author boxed sets, hit the New York Times bestseller list – twice!Gwynn is a full-time indie author, living off her writing. She will share everything she has learnt to help you reach your dream of writing a bestselling book.