This course will show you how easy it is to Export AutoCAD Drawing Information to Excel (and other Formats) using VBA. We will walk through the actual development starting from User Interface design to coding the logic behind the form and explain every single line in detail. You will learn and have a good understanding of VBA Programming as we progress along the course.By the end of this course, you can be productive right away and you should be able to perform all these tasks and start building your own program or build upon the Projects that weve developed throughout this course.Note 1: If you haven’t installed AutoCAD VBA IDE yet, please refer to Section 2 of my other course AutoCAD VBA Programming – Beginner Course. This section is available for viewing and will walk you through the process of downloading and installation as well as have a good tour of Integrated Development Environment (IDE).Note 2: This course dives directly into the actual process of extracting AutoCAD objects to Excel. If you are not very familiar with VBA yet, I suggest that you take my course “AutoCAD VBA Programming – Beginner Course”. This course teaches you all the basics and fundamentals of using VBA which will help a lot when  you start learning this AutoCAD to Excel course.