Great course! Thank you so much for all the info and step by step instructions. It was so worth the time and money investment. Even though I consider myself pretty tech and business savvy, I couldn’t have figured this out on my own.” Lori Clemmons****************************************”I am pleasantly surprised to have so much good information in such a small taste of the course.  Excellent presentation and information.” Carol Kurtz****************************************Are you creating meditations, guided visualizations, hypnotherapy sessions and you don’t know how to monetize them and bring them to the world at large?Then this course is for you!This course is not for newbies but for those who already know how to create meditations and guided visualizations. This course is for those who want to learn how to place your meditations online so listeners can purchase and download your meditations completely on auto-pilot.In other words, if you have beautiful meditations sitting on your computer’s hard drive and you are not currently having them set up as one of your passive income streams, then this course is for you.I will show you how to use your own website and third-party sites to upload your large audio files and make them downloadable only after someone has purchased the file. All on auto-pilot, without you moving a finger.My motto:Say it onceSet itForget itI will share with you sources that would gladly list your meditations on their site and free you from the arduous task of marketing. You will also receive a generous sign-on bonus and an even more generous completion bonus for a job well done.Why this course? If you’re called to heal the planet, animals and fellow humans – with your voice – then I want to help you with the business aspects to getting your voice out to a global audience.To date I have over 40 passive income streams and almost all of them were created using my voice. Why is this important to you? Because your voice in a world of technology can reach far beyond the street you live on, the town you live in, and the people you talk to on a day-to-day basis. You can, and should, reach people with your healing voice around the globe. This means millions of people ought to hear your healing voice!This course will show you how you can do so easily and quickly.SPECIAL NOTE: This course provides you with 3 bonuses. The first bonus is a sign-on bonus. You will also get a course completion bonus and a special mid-course bonus, which is one of my 50-minute meditations. All bonuses are absolutely free of charge (for Udemy students only). I am providing you with this meditation to show you how I do my meditations and to show you the process of how I make them available to my clients. Registering for the meditation will show you exactly how I have set-up my meditations for purchase, even though you will get the meditation for free. You do not need to download the meditation or accept the bonus in order to go through this class. This is for those who want to see my system and duplicate something similar for themselves.****************************************”I have been studying recording for marketing online for some time now and I learned a lot of new things in this course.” Diane Miller****************************************”This course is exactly what I wanted and is easy to understand and gives the resources that I need to get started.” Diane Ferron****************************************”Wow! I’ve been a hypnotherapist since 1994.  I’ve been wanting to record sessions for clients, but had no idea where to start.  I feel like I have come of age.  This is an exciting course!” Bonnie Poirier****************************************Keywords: #hypnotherapy business, #how to start a hypnotherapy business, #how to sell your hypnotherapy recordings, #how to sell your meditations, #how to make money with your meditations, #how to create an automatic hypnotherapy business, #passive income with meditations, #passive income, #residual income, #be your own boss,