!!!  Complete Course Remaster for Cypress 4.0+ version in 03/20  !!!!!!  8+ hours of New Content !!!Welcome to Automated Software Testing with Cypress in this course you will learn step by step everything about Cypress from setting up a simple testing project up to real world automation framework designs and many end to end testing examples along with many Cypress integrations and extensions.— Main topics covered in the course —- Learn How to Setup a Cypress Project- Web Automation and Elements Interaction with Cypress API – Practice various Real World E2E Testing Examples- Learn Visual Regression Testing with Cypress + Percy + jest-image-snapshot- Learn Cucumber + BDD integration with Cypress- Learn REST API Testing with Cypress- Learn Automation Framework Design and Page Objects Pattern- Learn Cypress + Docker Container- Learn CI / CD Integration with Dashboard Service and Jenkins- Learn Cypress Extensions and Plugins- Get Tips and Tricks to Become real Cypress Expert- Get Best Practices and Interview PreparationSo Let’s Start!