!!!  Complete Course Remaster for Puppeteer version 2.0.0+ in 04 / 2020  !!!!!!  5+ hours of New Content included !!!!!! 2 Live Projects included !!!Welcome to Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer in this course we will discuss a complete working/understanding and hands on testing of applications using Google’s Puppeteer along with Mocha, Chai, Jest, Cucumber, Jest-Image-Snapshot, Jenkins and much more! We are going to start from the very basics of Puppeteer and slowly move to the advanced real world stuff and examples.— Main topics covered in the course —- Learn How to Setup a Puppeteer Project- Web Automation and Elements Interaction with Puppeteer API- Practice various Real World E2E Testing Examples- Learn Visual Regression Testing with Puppeteer + Percy + jest-image-snapshot- Learn Cucumber + BDD integration with Puppeteer- Learn Automation Framework Design and Page Objects Pattern- Learn CI / CD Integration with Puppeteer and Jenkins- Learn Web Scraping with Puppeteer- Get Tips and Tricks to Become Real Puppeteer Expert- Get Best Practices and Interview PreparationSo Let’s Start!!