Automotive & Car Retouching in Adobe lightroom & Photoshop



I have developed my own car retouching technique &workflow for the past two years & I decided to share my knowledge with those who would love to learn the trades of automotive retouching in photoshop.This course is split into 12 videos that will shed some light on how to professionally edit & retouch car photos in Adobe photoshop & lightroom.Ever wondered how automotive photographers get sharp detailed photos?Want to improve your photoshop skills?Want to understand the proper automotive and car retouching workflow?Want to get the highlights and shadows right?Want to have a clean & a professional looking image?————————— Then this course is for you ——————————-What you will learn:Apply basic adjustments in adobe lightroomRemoving & cloning out elements in adobe photoshopRemoving basic reflections in Adobe PhotoshopRemoving Nasty reflections in Adobe photoshop (BONUS)Dodging & Burning the car in Adobe PhotoshopAdding Tonal ContrastAdding SharpnessDesaturating with channel mixerApply final adjustments in Adobe lightroomA prior knowledge to using basic tools in photoshop is required, I will be supplying additional resources as required.