AWS Lambda & API Gateway Training Course



Learn how to create, deploy, and manage Lambda functions; how to create API’s with Lambda function and API Gateway; how to trigger Lambda function and more.Check out the list of topics below that are covered in the AWS Lambda & API Gateway Training course:IntroductionCourse IntroductionIntroduction to AWS LambdaLab – AWS LambdaLab – Event DataLab – Integration with CloudwatchWorking with the Simple Storage ServiceLab – S3 RefresherLab – IAM RefresherLab – Events with the Simple Storage ServiceWorking with the DynamoDB ServiceLab – DynamoDB RefresherLab – AWS Lambda and DynamoDBLab – AWS Lambda and DynamoDB – Part 2AWS Lambda key aspectsLab – AWS Lambda – Environment VariablesLab – Lamba – Versioning and ALIASLab – AWS X-RayLab – Serverless Application ModelLab – AWS Lambda – ModulesLab – AWS Lambda – AWS RDSThe AWS API Gateway serviceIntroduction to the API Gateway serviceLab – Our First APILab – API Gateway and AWS LambdaWorking with API Gateway MethodsLab – API Gateway – Query String ParametersLab – API Gateway – POST MethodLab – API Gateway – ConfigurationLab – Using the POSTMAN ToolAPI Gateway Security and other servicesLab – API Gateway – API KeysLab – API Gateway – Lambda AuthorizerLab – API Gateway – SNS ServiceAn end to end exampleLab – A Simple Application Example