Amazon has become the leading voice for cloud computing compared to traditional servers and its AWS or Amazon Web Services has become synonymous with cloud computing. The company currently offers numerous services for virtual servers, development and deployment. This AWS course will help you fully prepare for advance AWS deployment and its use in real world scenarios.The course will help you understand the important concepts, ensuring that you are completely ready for cloud development and administration.The course will cover topics such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Simple Queue Service, Kinesis Service, Data Pipelines, CloudFront Service, CloudSearch, CloudTrail Service, AMR Service, Direct Connection, Elastic Load Balancers. Additionally, the tutorial will also have theoretical concepts including AWS Global Infrastructure, AWS Cloud Pricing Principles, AWS Whitepapers and even the Amazons Cloud Computing Infrastructure.You will also learn how to design an optimal system that meets system requirements, learn how to maximize characteristics such as scalability, security, reliability, durability and cost effectiveness.Enroll now and be the AWSprofessional.