Back massage with hot basalt, stones



Welcome to Back massage with hot basalt stones.  A heated stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat, basalt stones that are placed at key points on the body and in this course the back is the part of the body you learn to apply therapy to.  I’ve never met anyone yet who hasn’t loved a hot stone back massage as it is deeply soothing.This course is for anyone who is not a massage therapist but who would love to share massage with their loved one, family and friends in the comfort of their own home.  There are no prerequisites to taking this course but you will want some equipment.  This course does not qualify you as a professional massage therapist but is a pre-requisite to our professional, advanced hot stone massage training programme.This course has recently been updated…This course is a pre-requisite to the professional hot stone massage therapy course (07/09/1019).In this course you will learn:about your instructorequipment you needmassage mediumswhen not to provide a treatmentcontra-indications and contra-actionsafter carebasic anatomy and physiology the backwatch dummy runwatch giving a back massage with hot stones with instructionsReceive a Udemy certificate of completion, and where refund of the course has not been made, you may request a certificate from the course provider 8 weeks after completion, which incurs a separate fee, and upon submission of a copy of your Udemy certificate.