Backpacking for Beginners


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——— JUST UPDATED NOVEMBER 2018 ———Welcome! This course is designed for thosefairlynew to backpacking and those looking to get into it. Learn the things you need to know from experienced backpackers without having to learn them the hard way through trial and error.By the end of this course, the manyquestions you haveabout backpacking will be answered and you will feel prepared and well equippedfor your next adventureThis course will teach you the essentials you need to know for backpacking. Find out what gear you need and why. Discoverhow backpacking will benefit you in many areas of life. Learn how best to setup your campsite and ways to keep wildlife away. Know what physical and mental demands are required and how you can build these traits in yourself. This course will also teach how to build (or purchase) a survival kit and various uses for them. Hear backpackingtips from the pros to use on your future hikes.And how to find the right trails for your next trips!