Course DescriptionLearn the basic skills and concepts needed to create attractive, effective PowerPoint slides.Build a strong foundation of PowerPoint skills and graphic design concepts with this tutorial for beginners. You will learn to confidently:Manipulate text, lines, shapes, and images Change slide backgrounds and layouts Arrange and align objects on a slide Apply the principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity Create a unique PowerPoint theme all your ownMake Your Presentations Stand Out in a CrowdWe’ve all see wretched PowerPoint slides with their overcrowded text, cartoonish clip art, and animation that can give you motion sickness. But your slides don’t have to be that way. In this course, you’ll apply the same principles and skills design professionals use to create slides that will engage an audience.Content and OverviewThis course begins with a series of video tutorials designed to teach students the basic PowerPoint techniques. You will watch the instructor use a technique and then practice it in your own PowerPoint file. Using this simple show and do method, you will quickly gain confidence and control over the applicationFollowing that is a series of exercises giving you practice in the graphic design principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. These are the essential concepts needed to create visually appealing slides that amplify your message. The course culminates with an activity that applies all the skills learned in class to creating a unique, personalized PowerPoint theme. This way, you’ll never have to use the canned” PowerPoint themes that everyone else uses.What am I going to get from this course?14 video lectures 4 downloadable activity files 1 downloadable course manual Perfect for beginners and ideal for learners who do best when shown. Curriculum Section 1 – Bad PowerPoint. Bad, Bad, Bad! Lecture 1: Introduction 02:18 Section 2 – Master PowerPoint Basics Lecture 2: Master PowerPoint Basics 01:19Lecture 3: Manipulating Text 02:36Lecture 4: Manipulating Shapes 06:32Lecture 5: Manipulating Lines 05:31Lecture 6: Importing Images 09:58Lecture 7: Adding Content 04:07Lecture 8: Changing Slide Layouts 06:54Lecture 9: Arranging and Aligning Elements03:55Lecture 10: Changing Backgrounds 04:30 Section 3 – Learn Design Basics Lecture 11: Practice Exercises TextLecture 12: Learn Design Basics 06:48Section 4 – Create Well-Designed PowerPoint Slides Lecture 13: Creating a Theme 04:47Lecture 14: Create Well-Designed PowerPoint Slides 04:20