Beat Overworked and Overwhelmed



Are you overworked and overwhelmed? If so, you’re not alone. On average we receive 120 e-mails a day and check our phones 150 times a day. We have a constant stream of crises that only we can handle, with our bosses demanding more output with fewer resources. We leave meetings early only to arrive late for the next one. At home? Well, we are so exhausted that were not the loving partner and parent we wont to be. Being overworked and overwhelmed drags you into a downward spiraling pit of despair and shame. Course description This course takes you through a step-by-step process for you to beat overworked and overwhelmed. There are seven sections: Changing the story of your life. After analysing what’s created your overworked and overwhelmed, you will create a new vision for your ideal life. You will work to achieve this in the rest of the workshop. Calming yourself. You will identify your own coping strategies to calm yourself in really stressful situations. Taming your monster emotions, like anger, fear and shame. You will use a step-by-step process to understand what you are really feeling and why. Keeping perspective. You will use three practical steps to silence your inner critic and change the way you deal with the difficulties and setbacks. Taming your work overload. You will analyse your workload and prioritise to achieve the most important things every day. Dealing with really difficult people. You will use a straightforward four step process to get what you need from really difficult people. In addition, you will use a variation to get unstuck when there is strong emotion and high-stakes outcome. Making changes that stick. You will sustain the changes that you have made in your life to beat overworked and overwhelmed once and for all. The course consists of: Videos which explain the concepts. A workbook with examples and exercises for you to apply what you have learnt. Practical supporting articles giving additional information in each section. Self-coaching exercises in each section to deepen yourself insight and sustain your personal changes. By following the structure of this course, you will beat overworked and overwhelmed and you will achieve the professional success you deserve, while enjoying a balanced, rewarding life. If this sounds exciting, sign up for this course right now!