Become a Kinematics (1D) Master



This course is all about Kinematics in 1D, the physics of moving things along a straight line. Kinematics is always the first topic you would have to master in order to understand the laws of the universe.Everything in the universe is moving, so kinematics is the most fundamental thing you will need to know to do any kind of physics.I expect no prior knowledge of physics, in order for you to take this course. The only pre requisites are little bit of math (mentioned in the course basics). Although kinematics needs calculus, I will be teaching everything calculus that we will be needed to tackle various scenarios. So don’t worry about calculus :)The course is structured as followsConcept videos, Practice problem videos, Extra information (Which is not mandatory but helps you get more insight and get more out of the course:))For every concept, Ihave included trivial and challenging quizzes to make sure, you can check your understanding and review any material if needed.There are assignment questions which test your application abilities and how you are able to connect various topics together.At the end you have practice test, with timings and scores. This makes you self evaluate your learning and understand how much you have gained from the entire course.So what are you waiting for, enroland let’s get.. wait for it… moving! (sorry for that, my jokes get better)