Become a Safe and Efficient Dive Explorer


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A torough Foundation for Divers seeking valuable knowledge in which to start developing a solid base towards Safe and Efficient Exploration of new dive sites, wrecks, mines and even untravelled cave passages. Application of Rebreather technology and multiple DPV’s can easily result in extreme exposures that will take the Dive Explorer beyond traditional diving industry limits. How to be prepare to endure multiple hours dives at depths beyond 100mt / 330ft while breathing multiple Breathing Mixes of Nitrox and Trimix while exploring dive areas, possibly no man ever been before, is what Dive Explorer Training is all about. This course should be paired with in-water practice by an experience Instructor, actually is a perfect tool to have when planning to take any Technical Diving Course, but also invaluable aid is thru mentorship in actual Exploration Projects. This is the IDREO Explorer Diver Manual for all IDREO Training levels. WARNING: DEEP, DPV, REBREATHER & CAVE DIVING IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU APPLY THIS INFORMATION UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL