Become a Scrum Guru the Easiest Way: Ultimate Scrum Guide



Scrum is by far the most popular of the Agile frameworks for developing complex products. This course provides a working knowledge of the Scrum framework the underlying principles, practices, techniques and skills necessary for you to succeed as a Scrum Master. If you are already on a Scrum team you will learn how to become a change agent to help your team achieve a higher level of success.During the development of this course, my main focus remained on making this learning process easy and fun. I like teaching with a straight-to-the-point/no-fluff approach. This course has a good mix of video lectures, pdf guides, and quizzes in order to help you understand the objectives.The course is a little over 1.5 hours and will also include resources for you to help out with the certification! I will eventually add practice exam questions as we progress in this class. There are several exercise files included in this course and more resources will be added on a weekly basis. You will go through the following 7 sections:1. What is Scrum?2. What are the 3 Scrum Roles?3. What is the Process?4. What are the 4 Scrum Ceremonies?5. What are the 3 Artifacts of Scrum?6. What are the 5 Values of Scrum?7. What are the Top Scrum Terms?By the end of this course you will be able to:Describe the Scrum framework to others roles and responsibilities use of each artifact purpose of each meeting/ceremonyExplain the difference between the Scrum framework and other processes and systems contrast with Waterfall contrast ScrumMaster role with traditional roles contrast the Scrum product backlog with traditional requirementsBe a successful Scrum Master for a Scrum team be a change agent leader facilitate each type of Scrum meeting know how to detect and correct potential impediments to Scrum success help a team adopt Scrum or improve their use of Scrum have conversations about process, structures and valuesuse several conflict resolution techniquesHelp a Scrum team plan successfully plan a release plan a sprintcreate/maintain a prioritized product backlog