Take your web design skills to the next level by becoming a web design coach. This is a new areaof web design and by becoming a web design coach, you will reach a new market by coaching website owners as well as other web designers.This course is a very quick course to get you acclimated as a web design coach. Finish this course in justone quickhour and then go out andstart promoting yourselfas a web design coach! After just one hour, you will have the knowledge of what a web design coach is and you will be able to tell your employer, coworkers, colleagues, and other web designers. You will be able to get more clients which include other web designers!Web design coaches simply help other designerscreate better websites by analyzing and teaching. They receive more respect in the web design fieldsince we are now coaching, training, mentoring, and sharing their expertise.The instructor is the first web design coach and is offering his expertise in this Udemy course by helping experienced web designers take on a new service which will make them more marketable and well known in their local community. Web design coaching always helps brand your business more effectively.