This course teaches students how to get the most out of their WordPress websites and how to become a powerful WordPress administrator. This course covers everything you need to know about making your WordPress website professional looking and secure as well as adding popular web-based features such as ecommerce and community building.Why Take This Course?A large majority of small business owners and bloggers have heard of WordPress websites, but I always get questions about how to set them up correctly including how to make them secure, manage users and even get search engine rankings. Video Lectures Include Making Money With Your WordPress WebsiteMost people want to make money with their websites, so this course includes simple tutorials on making money with your WordPress site using password-protected posts and ecommerce with WooCommerce (see my 7 WooCommerce videos).Also, if you would like strong tips on how to improve your blogging skills with WordPress, this course includes lectures on that subject as well.This course is has the following structure:Students watch detailed videos on how to complete various tasks in the WordPress admin pagesPersonal and discussion board exercises are included after most sections to help students get real hands-on experience on their own WordPress sites or blogsProjects to make sure websites are set up correctly.Quizzes to help students master the concepts and test themselves on the course knowledgeMaterials Include:PresentationsUseful PDFsWhat Is Needed To Take This Course:Students will need a WordPress website running. The WordPress website can be running on any local computer or one already set up by a web hosting company. Most people who take WordPress courses usually already have a WordPress site running, but in case you need one, students can download one for free at the WordPress downloads page and set it up using WordPress’ famous 5-minute installation. I also have lectures showing students how to install a WordPress site in this course as well.One other task that students need is either a LAMP setup on their local computer or one from one of the popular hosting companies who support WordPress.Last, but not least, you simply need the desire to excel at WordPress and to become a super WordPress administrator.