COURSE OBJECTIVE The primary objective for this course is to introduce students to the concept, tools and methods of working with serverless architecture on AWS (Amazon Web Services) The course will introduce you to the following key technologies that are a part of AWS serverless program suite:DynamoDB database – a key-valuestore that is completely serverless and Amazon-inventedLambdafunction written in Python. This communicates with the database. AWS API gateway service. This serves as a link between the application and the Lambda function.S3 where we will store our web pageRoute53which will use our subdomain to access this page.All sections of the course will have relevant exercises for you to do, so you can practice your new skills so that you can use them practically in your own job afterwards.WHAT IS AWS SERVERLESS ARCHITECTURE / TECHNOLOGIES?Amazon has grown to become the most sophisticated provider of storage, virtual servers and many other various IT services, with the main goal of letting you concentrate on programming and system development, rather than the maintenance of the systems. With Amazon serverless technologies, you can set up a powerful computer system, consisting of databases, programming environments, hosting platforms, using only your laptop and an Amazon AWS account.TOP 3 BENEFITS OF LEARNING TO WORK WITH AWS SERVERLESS ARCHITECTURE 1. High in demand Experts in AWS are high in demand, with a huge number of either freelancing or full-time jobs available and growing. 2. Emerging technology All of AWS services are rather new, compared to traditional skills like C++ programming or TCP/IP network administration.Being new, they are powerful and flexible on one side, but on the other side, they can be difficult to understand at first. This course will lead you through various new technologies, some of which you may not know even existed. 3. A great addition to your current skills If you are a programmer, you would benefit from being able to manage your own databases and application hosting; if you are a system engineer, you will be able to setup a complete system without having to setup a single server; if you are a system integrator, you will love the way different AWS services come together.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Will I learn to programme? No, you will not learn to programme, but you can see the principle in the example that I will show you, as every line of code will be explained. This is not a programming tutorial, because programming a few lines of Python code is just a small part of the course.Will I need additional software? No, all the software that you will need is the web browser, preferably FirefoxHow much will it cost me, I know that Amazon is not free?If you are in the free tier, it will cost you nothing, but if you are paying, it will be a few dollars at mostHow much time will it take for me to finish the course?The course itself is 2 hours long, but you will probably need four to six hours to finish it. GUARANTEEIf within 30 days of buying the course you decide that it’s not for you, please get a Udemy-backed refund. No questions asked just press the refund button, and all of your money will be returned to your credit card.  ARE YOU READY TO BECOME AN AWS SERVERLESS ARCHITECTURE EXPERT?Please press the “Take This Course” button and start learning 2 minutes from now!