How To Become an Entrepreneur & Develop Entrepreneurial Skills provides practical and applicable information to help you succeed in business.For beginners and those with experience, this course provides valuable knowledge backed by research which you can use to realize business success.The principles taught in this course are the same principles your instructors, Andrew Cull and Todd McLeod, have used to realize success in their own lives. Todd McLeod is tenured college faculty in Business Information Systems, and Andrew Cull built and sold an Inc. 500 company which was the second best place to work in Seattle. In this course you will learn principles for business success which are based both on academic research and real world practical experience. You will:Gain an understanding of the job of an entrepreneurLearn the actual odds of success for those starting a businessAcquire awareness of the leading causes of business failureLearn how to avoid the mistakes that cause business failureRecognize the importance of preparationLearn how to gain valuable experienceKnow when you are prepared enough to start your own businessAcquire insight into the importance of a teamUnderstand the essential team you need before you start a businessLearn what to look for when finding people for your teamLearn where to look to find team membersLearn how to motivate team membersUnderstand intrinsic and extrinsic rewardsLearn to manage your own expectationsUnderstand the expected timeline of a new businessGain appreciation for the value of connectionsLearn to cultivate and leverage connectionsKnow how to go from business concept to opportunityUnderstand the importance of a feasibility analysis, and how to conduct oneGain insight into the role of funding, and whether or not you need itLearn how everything comes down to the allocation of scarce resourcesAcquire the greatest insight in business: The importance of customer focusLaugh learning about Airbnb’s 11-star customer experienceGain an introduction into business entity selectionLearn to distinguish proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and s-corpsUnderstand the importance of a separation of concernsGain practical insights and skills in tracking your expensesLearn the fundamentals of intellectual propertyAcquire the ability to protect your intellectual propertyUnderstand trademarks, patents, and copyrightsGain an understanding of non-disclosure agreementsGain an understanding of proprietary information and inventions agreementsAchieve balance in the four areas of health: physical, emotional, social, financialUnderstand the importance of sleepLearn how to work in productive burstsGain skills and tools to manage uncertainty and stressLearn to learn more quicklyOptimize your working time with the “12Ps” of successReceive resources to learn even more valuable informationGain appreciation for the importance of enjoyment, choices, and hustleAcquire a checklist which you can use when starting your businessLearn the #1 factor, backed by research, for creating a successful lifeMore than degrees, more than experience, more than educational attainment or economic background, the principles covered in this course will give you a solid foundation for success not only in business, but also in life.Your instructors created this course because this is the course they wish had existed when they were starting their careers.Distilled to its essence, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in business and in life. Taught by two accomplished individuals, your instructors’ credentials include:Andrew Cull’s accomplishments:Remote MedicalRanked as the 2nd best place to work in SeattleAn Inc 500 companyBuilt and sold this companyAgema7 out of 7 successful turn-aroundsconsulting firmOverland SolarSpinDrift RowingRide Back CountryTeam 5 FoundationCross Fit BurienTodd McLeod’s accomplishments:Dean’s medallistTenured college facultyFresno Radon MitigationThis class is guaranteed to improve your success, both in life and business. Once enrolled, you will have access to this course for the rest of your life. You will always be able to come back to this class to review material or to learn new material. Described as fun and amazing and life changing, Andrew & Todds training will forever transform the way you conduct business and live life. Try this course for yourself and see how quickly and easily you too can learn the principles of success in business and life.Now, if you’ve read this far, we have something special for you:We are so excited you’re here!What we have included in this course has helped both of us (Andrew & Todd) in our lives.We are excited for you because we know thatthe content in this course can do for youwhat it has done for us -help you succeed.Few people have the opportunity, the good fortune, the success, to be where you are right now – to have found this courseand to have the ability to learn from this course.You arealreadyso fortunate, even just to have this opportunity right here – to be looking at a computer screen, TO HAVE A COMPUTER, oh my gosh, WOW, and to have the opportunity to learn. This is such good fortune. This is so wonderful.Perspective is everything in life.This is one of the main things you will learn from this course. If you have the right mindset, you can accomplish amazing things.Henry Ford famously said, Whether or not you believe you can, or believe you cant, you are right.Your mindset, your mentality, your perspective is first-and-foremost the most critical factor in determining your success.This is but one of the things you will learn in this course. Thereis much more great content, and we know that what you learn in this course is going to make a wonderful positive difference in helping you realize success in your life.So welcome. Were glad youre here. Come join us.We look forward to sharing great knowledge with you. We look forward to seeing you become even more successful.Lets get started learning!Sincerely,Andrew & Todd