Hi friends, Debayan here. We live in the age of technology and knowledge. Earlier people would find it hard to comprehend the thought of internet and web-sites. But now, no can imagine a life without Internet. Connection to other people is not crucial for social life but also for your business and overall growth. But Have you ever wondered how and where from it all started. The answer my friends is HTML. Using this course, you will not only understand the ins and outs of HTML, but also the new HTML5 standards. You will also be introduced to the professional development strategy for web-development. Even from a Novice to Professional can use this course to become Exceptional in web-development. In this course, you will get the all concepts and knowledge of both HTML and HTML5. There are two sections, one for HTML and other for HTML5, where all the concepts are discussed. The course involves the following lessons: Section One: HTML HTML History and Benefit HTML Terms and Definitions HTML Tags, Attributes and Elements All HTML Core Tags Section Two: HTML5 New Semantic Tags Canvas SVG Audio Tags Video Tags Drag and Drop Geolocation Web-Storage App Cache Web-Workers SSE This is a 6+ hours course, so please take the course at your own time. Once you complete this course, you will not only be proficient in HTML and HTML5, but also will know ready to take on any web development challenge on your way to glory.