These nail courses are for beginners who want to learn how to perform a manicure and make money with it!Maybe you are tired of your 9to5 job? Do you want to spend more quality time with your child or want to make more money to be able to afford all the things you want? Then these courses are for you!Lecture 1You will learn how to calculate your monthly income based on your working hours and the rate you charge per manicure.By performing basic calculations, you have the opportunity to calculate how much you will be able to earn each month!Priece per manicure  X  clients per day  X  working days in a month  =  monthly incomePrice per manicure (depends on city you are located and average market prices. It could be between 20 50 /$)Clients per day (how many hours are you wiling to work. It could be from 8 to 12 clients per day)Working days in a month (depends if you accept clients during weekends or not. 20 – 30 days per month)Income calculation:Level 1 20 * 8 * 20 = 3200 /$ per monthLevel 2 35 * 10 * 25 = 8750 /$ per monthLevel 3 50 * 12 * 30 = 18000 /$ per monthExpenses calculation:Gel Top coat and base gel: 15-30 /$ per month50 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Kit 90 -180 /$ per monthAcetone + cotton pads + foil 40-80 /$ per monthDisinfectant + hand cream  = 40 /$ per monthTolls 35-70 per month. Rent 0 /$ ( work from home) 300-1000 /$ if you rent a place for salon.Extras like coffee/tea for clients. 15-50 /$Other expenses 40-80 /$Total monthly expenses : from 275 /$ working from home to 830 /$ with cheap rent or 1530 /$ with more expensive rentMarketing expenses for the first few months to get your client base:5-18 /$ for a new clientMarketing model that works great for customer acquisition in this kind of businessGive 50% discount for client who recommends you via Facebook and Instagram.Lecture 2-3-4 Removing different kinds of nail polishLecture 5-6 Applying different kinds of nail polishLecture 7 Cleaning and Disinfecting toolsLecture 8-9 Facebook and Instagram marketing to get your firs 100 clients