The aim of this course is to give you all the fundamental knowledge to become a front end developer.With front end development I mean the development of web pages. This is done with programs e.g. HTML, CSS and Javascript.You will get familiar with the definitions and properties define in HTML and in particular those relative to the latest HTML5 version.You will know how to embed audios, videos, SVG, Flash and PDF files into your HTML pages.I will show the main CSS properties and functions, focusing also on the latest CSS3 version.You will be then able to set shadows and backgrounds with gradients and even do animations in CSS.You will get acquainted with Javascript and create HTML forms with Javascript validation scripts.I will show you how to create responsive web design so that your web pages will look good also on devices e.g. tables, iPads and smartphones.We will do exercises using the Bootstrap framework to create responsive web pages fast.At the end you will be able to create also WordPress customized themes.During the course we will go through the W3C recommendations and create valid XHTML pages.I am sure that at the end you will be able to develop your own web sites.