Beginner Bass Guitar Course



You have to put in the time and effort to play an instrument properly and bass is no different. It is absolutely crucial for us musicians to start from scratch and build up by practicing simple exercises and techniques. Leaving a gap in your technique vocabulary will definitely show up later on, as you develop as a musician. So it is important to take things seriously from day one.This course is designed exactly with that purpose. There are tons of exercises for you to practice. It is you, your bass guitar, and your objective to accomplish for the most part.Even if you are a complete beginner who has never touched a bass before, this will teach you the absolute basics and make you a competent bass player.There are three main parts in this course;ExplanationExercisesLicksFirst, I explain the technique or the subject at hand. Then, I give you loads of exercises for you to master that topic. Finally there are licks for you to play and utilize that subject. Think about them as quizzes.You will get notations and backing tracks for everything I play in this course so you can follow along easily. There are also backing tracks on the lick sections for you to play with.See you on the inside.