Description for my online courseI am Vathani Ariyam the author of this course Beginners Bookkeeping created for students, entrepreneurs help to maintain their books. Implementing proper accounting system is vital for any business either a small business or a corporation. By keeping your accounting records in order avoids mistakes, fraud in the market, correct tax payments and to grow your business. The businesses which do not have a proper accounting system either fail soon or the company will not improve. It is advisable for entrepreneurs acquires knowledge about the basic bookkeeping as it helps when hiring someone or outsourcing the work. In this course, I have explained basic auditing, other accounting functions, budgeting and cash flow set up. If you want to be successful in business, need to maintain accounts from day one of your startup. If not likely to face issues like lack of profit calculations, no internal control, losing money and many more. Then set up a budget and cash flow before starting a business is essential to monitor expenditure and income.Further maintain a proper system helps to avoid common mistakes in invoicing, stock control, credit control and producing financial statements. Entrepreneurs should not do everything due to lack of financial knowledge and time might push the business to the ground. Then you get in-house help, freelancer’s help or you outsource your work to an outsourcing company. But aware things can go wrong if you do not know what to expect from these people who are helping you.I created this basic online course in accounting to help the people who have interests in setting up a business. When you have the financial knowledge, can offer your help to other people to come out of their difficult economic issues. If you want to set up a home-based bookkeeping business follow this course to give you confidence. An online course can help students who wish to proceed with accounting study along with working in the accounting field.