Beginners Guide to Comprehensive SAS


Description provides Comprehensive SAS Online training that will provide knowledge to become a successful Analytics professional. We will cover basic fundamental concept of SAS as well as introducing some advanced SAS topics like SAS macros, Graphs. After the completion of Comprehensive SAS Training from, you will be able to:Get an overview of the SAS, as well as learn how to download, install and configure SAS softwareImport and Export Raw Data FilesLearn how to manipulate and transform dataApply various data mining techniquesCreate basic detail and summary reports using various types of SAS procedureApply PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC FREQ, and PROC MEANS etc. to perform statistical analysisLearn where and how to implement some data analytic concepts like String and Numeric Function, SAS Dates and Times, Loops, Array and Macros.Implement different types of graphs using SASLearn how to use Sas interface for creating improved graphs