What will you learn in this class?Everything Ive learned from 10+ years of freelancing to help you get started and grow.How to figure out what services you can offerHow to make money AND do what you loveHow to find people who are WILLING to hire youHow to sell your services without having to become some sales genius or slime ballHow to build your freelance business as a sustainable business you can sell or hand to your kids and grandkidsAnd, ultimately, be YOUR OWN boss and control YOUR OWN destiny.Who is the instructor?The course is taught by me, John Morris. I’ve been a freelance web developer for over 14 years. I have 11 other courses here on SkillShare. I’ve taught thousands of students. I have a YouTube channel of nearly 60,000 subscribers and growing.I, also am an Army veteran that trained solders deploying overseas. Teaching is what I love to do and my goal is to help you become a highly skilled, well-respected and well-paid freelancer. I believe this class help you put together concepts and teach you skills that will help you do all that faster.So, if you’re ready to get rolling, enroll in the course and I will see you on the inside.REVIEWS FROM OTHER PLATFORMS”this class was a major game changer.. helped me to really think about and streamline the business i want to build .. i will definitely be taking more courses from him” — Eva Nickson–“The bonus section on Scope – The cure for fear of failure has the most impact on how i view freelance web developer. I too have the fear on whether i should embark on this endeavor as a side business whilst maintaining my full time job. John has expertly and through his experiences shared his most honest view and i’m thoroughly convinced that i too can be successful as a freelance web developer by taking the necessary steps in his course.” — K.L. Lai–“This is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen on freelancing from any tutor. I will highly recommend this course among my peers and others as well.” — Mehandi Islam–“If you’re a beginner freelancer this course is a must!” — Marko Savicevic