Beginners Guide to the Tai Chi Form



ATai ChiForm that youwillfinish!The majority ofpeople thatstart learning Tai Chi neverfinishthecourse.Tai Chi Forms – of which there are over120 variations -canvary in lengthfrom a justfew steps to over 200. Fortunately,there are a series of postures that are common to all variations, and these can be learnt quickly and easily in this introductory course.Absolute Beginner?This simple, easy to learn and entertaining course is perfect for you. I’ll take you through the footwork, the arm positions and then each posture, linking them slowly into a flowing and beautiful short sequence for you to practice each day.Already know some Tai Chi?If you are already practising or have learnt some Tai Chi, then these postures should be familiar. However, to make it more challenging,I will be linking them in a new way, showing you how to perform them on both sides andhow to add repetitions and how to add extra moves between the transitions.History and ContextThe course also covers the history of the Tai Chi Form, we will look at what the experts tell us about the guiding principles and how to refer tothe Tai Chiclassics to shape our studies and practice.A Tai Chi Form to suit your needsOnce learnt, this Short Form can be easilyadjusted in number of postures or repetitions,to meet the time, energy and space youhave available to practice.