Beginning to Draw From the Mind with Zen Doodle



Mindful Drawing without the fancy techniques. You are on your way to creating designs that inspire. I’m JJ, and I am teaching my favorite subject, drawing. I’ve been drawing for 12 years but just this year, Iwas introduced to Zen Doodling, and can’t stop. So I created a simple 3 part course to build upon patterns and colors to create a collage of intricate and flowing zentopia with the pen.Make a doodle a day, and you can be creating artwork that will surprise you as we take each pattern into a simple and real time tutorial for anyone to follow. Then we create a collage to create a Zen tangle.30 Day Money Back Guarantee- If i don’t make you an artist within 30 days, then you can get your money back. However the skills in this course are for everyone.