Best Beginner Guitar Course For EVERYONE



Wanting to learn the basics of how to play guitar? Tired of being indecisive and trying to find out which coursewould be the best for you?Well, you’ve come to the right place.Welcome to the Best Beginner Guitar Course For EVERYONE.Yes Everyone. I mean even those beginners that are on a trainer guitar from Walmart (which is totally okay, a guitar is a guitar!)You will learn the basics of guitar with short, engaging videos that keep you awake and not falling asleep. When learningto play guitar,you need the right lessons, but you also need the rightMENTOR/TEACHER!If you have ever attended a class in school, ever, you know about those teachers that just read from the book, a powerpoint, or some boring piece of paper and by the first word you are already falling asleep. In this course, keeping you engaged and attentive is the main goal (besides learning how to shred of course.)This course will contain short videos that are very engaging. All videos will be less than 5 Minutes. Guaranteed.Are you ready to shred like a god?