SAP System Overview SAP System Overview SAP System Architecture Environment For ProgramsDATA Dictionary DATA Dictionary Introduction Create Database Table Entering Data into Table Display Data from the TableABAP Editor Introduction Create First Program Select, Write and Chaining Statement Together Variables and Constants DeclarationPerforming Arithmetic Calculations Arithmetic – Addition Arithmetic – Subtraction Arithmetic – Multiplication Arithmetic – DivisionCharacter Strings Character String Data Types Concatenate Find The Length of the String Replace Search Shift Split Sub FieldsProgram Debugging Debugging Program Debugging and BreakpointsWorking with Other Data Types Date Calculations Time CalculationsOpen SQL Statement Open SQL Statement Introduction Insert Data Into Table Update Data in the Table Deleting Data From the Table Modify Data(Insert/Update) in TableProgram Flow Control and Logical Expressions Flow Control and Logical Expression – IF, CASE Select Loops Nested Loops Loop Termination Expression Loop Termination Check Loop Termination ExitUser Selection Screen Selection Screen Introduction At Selection Screen Parameters Initialization Block Select OptionInternal Tables Internal Table Introduction Types of internal Tables First Sample Program For All Entries Read Statement Internal Tables Describe ModifyModularizing Programs Modular Programming Introduction Function Module Include Subroutine