The business of fix and flip is one that requires proper training and paying attention to details. There are several stages with moving parts and well cover it all in its entirety. This course is designed to teach you how to start your business by first selecting the correct structure. When you have formulated business entity, youll enjoy a many benefits including legal distinction between your personal assets and that of your business. Additional asset protection will also be covered. With your business fillings underway, well dive into finding properties that are priced at well below market value. Everything from locating the properties of motivated sellers to evaluating and making an offer will be discussed extensively. The documents and forms will be provided so youll have a complete inventory of resources needed to successfully do your deals.Once the offer is accepted, you will then sign a contract to purchase along with the seller. Although I provide this document, I want you to only use it as an example. It is best for you to have a real estate attorney is your state or province draft a similar document to ensure compliance with local regulation. This course will walk you through the closing process and how to secure money to purchase the property.Well continue with showing you how to screen and hire contractors and what documents are required for a smooth project completion. This lesson will help you avoid all the problems that could ensue. There are stipulations that must be made and all of this will be covered. I will reveal in totality how to hold the contractors feet to the fire so you dont have to closely monitor them during construction.Upon completion of the rehab, you will learn essential things that must be done to quickly sell the property. The closing process with the Title Company and associated fees will all be explored. By the end of this course, you will be able to initiate and do your first fix and flip deal using the lessons I teach. This course is about Fixing and flipping housesYou Need This Course If You Want:To successfully establish and operate a fix and flip businessTo acquire skills in real estateTo buy low, do rehab and sell highTo be financially free through real estateTo know how to work with contractorsTo create a plan for your financesTo become an entrepreneurTo build wealth with real estateTo properly protect fix and flip business