Betfair Trader: Football In-Play Trading



In this course you will learn the correct way to trade football on the betting exchanges. How to manage you betting bank for maximum return. Also, how to avoid the mistakes that many novice Betfair traders make. Learn To Trade With Success On The Betting Exchanges Learn to trade on the betting exchanges Find the best websites to download trading software from How to produce consistent trading returns Learning how to trade is a great way to make money while enjoying watching football. It is pretty low risk way to bet compared to traditional betting. Let me answer a few questions on trading on the betting exchanges: Do I need a big bank to start with? No, you can start off with a pretty small bank as just means you start off with smaller trades. Can I do this from any country? As long as betting is legal in your country you will be able to trade on the betting exchanges Do I need software to do this? No, you dont need any software. It just makes it a bit easier and there are several programs that 100% free to use and will work perfectly well. Can I lose all my money trading? You can only lose the money that is in your account. If you follow the staking plan you would only be able to lose maximum 20% of your bank. Do I need to sit beside my computer to do this? You will need to be beside the computer during the game as you need to react to the match. Are there any other costs? No there is no other costs apart from a starting bank to bet with. Can I practice before risking any real money? Yes, several of the programs have training modes. Will I always win if I follow the strategy? No, there is no system that will let you win every time. Losses shouldnt be large as the system is pretty low risk. How long will it take master the strategy? You will be able to understand it after watching this course as isnt complex Content and Overview This course contains over 20 lectures and 1 hour of content. It is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to learn how to trade on the betting exchanges. Students will learn the basics of the trading strategy and how to produce consistent returns trading. Simply put at the end of the course you will have a low risk trading strategy to follow. You’ll know where to download free betting software, place low risk bets and how to react if the trade goes against you. What am I going to get from this course? Over 1 hour of content over 20 lecturesHow to trade on the betting exchangesLearn how to manage your betting bankSuitable for beginners as videos explain system in good detailBreaks the whole process down in to simple easy to understand steps