Is there always a mismatch in what you and what your child understands? orYour child becomes angry and throws tantrum every time things do not go her/his way? orYour child self-confidence decreases every time s/he fails in something? orWhen it comes to social situation, your child prefers to stay silent.Research shows that positive parenting builds better self-esteem, builds a better character, encourages proper communication and helps the child to develop into a mentally healthier adult.”The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” – Peggy O’MaraBut sometimes dealing with kids can be a very difficult thing. In this fast changing world, old parenting styles are not working anymore.And sometimes your love makes them too dependable on you.To learn, how to avoid all these situations, I have created this e-course for you. As a parent, I am sure the course will help you in the following ways:1- Mindset shifts that will help you to become a better parent (and a person too)2- Understanding and building a better rapport with your child3- Communicating in the right manner with your child4- How to change your parenting style with time5- How to set a positive example for your child6- Helping your children to make their own decisions7- Making them confident enough to face any situationPlus all this is in the story format, so you will always remember the learnings without efforts.The sign of great parenting is not the childs behavior. The sign of truly great parenting is the parents behavior. Andy SmithsonHappy parenting!About Alankar Mhatre: Alankar being himself a father of two also runs a pre-school with his wife where he also regularly counsels parents. He is also a corporate trainer and he has trained more than 10,000 people. He has also conducted workshops in the companies like Ambuja Cement, Reliance Nipppon Life Insurance, Birla Gold Cement, Tata Teleservices Limited and many others.