How do you market a small brand when you don't have themoney, staff, or other resources the Big Brands have? How do you successfullycompete in a marketplace when your competitors have much bigger budgets thanyou do? This course is designed to help small brands learn and applyBig Brand strategies, tactics, and techniques — but they'll be tailored tobrand marketers with small budgets. Learn how to take maximum advantage of thebasics of brand marketing, and how to use the tools in your "brandmarketing arsenal" to market your brand like the big guys. This coursewill cover all the bases: brand name, logo, slogan, positioning, packaging,public relations, e-marketing, social media, all forms of advertising,non-traditional media, and more. Lots of examples will be shown and techniques revealed by abrand marketing pro with more than thirty years of experience working with bothbig and small brands. Plus, you'll gain free access to several valuableresources, including three eGuides and a collection of 40 brand profiles.If you want to learn how to put the most effective small business branding strategies,tactics and techniques to work for your small brand, then Big Brand Strategiesfor Small Brands is foryou!