Black and White Mastery in Adobe Lightroom



In this comprehensive master class you will learn three powerful methods in AdobeLightroom to create Black and White images. Explore each ofthese methods to create dramaticBlack andWhite visual statements.Once you have converted your photography to Black andWhite, use the power of Lightroom to create toned and split toned photographs for richness and depth. Lightroom provides you with several different tools to create rich tones in your photographs. I will guide you through all these processes, and then show you how to save your own custom presets.Learn how Lightroom worksbest, and master Lightroom for your Black andWhite photography.In these lessons you will learn:What effect Black andWhite can have onthe viewer, compared tothe Color imageThe non-destructive parametric edits Lightroom give youWhere to find Black and White presetsSimple Black andWhite conversions in LightroomThe direct method to create Black andWhite photographsHow to create Black andWhite with the most controlHow to Split Tone Black andWhiteHow to Selectively Split Tone in LightroomHow to Split Tone with CurvesHow to creategraduated highlightsHow to save and share your own custom presetsHow best to jump from Lightroom to PhotoshopDuring and after this course you will want to not only create new images, but revisit your favorite photographs that you have taken, and create stunning Black andWhite masterpieces using Lightroom.