Black Hair Care: the Basics of Hair Typing and Growth



Through the years I have enjoyed learning techniques of how to care for our type 4 hair. Now, it is time to pass that learning on to my daughters. I would love for you to join us. Take this course to gain the knowledge you need for hair care. I know it can be a challenge to maintain or grow a head of healthy hair if you don't have the information you need. If you are interested in growing your hair, repairing damaged hair, switching to a natural hair style, getting away from relaxers and perms, or just starting an overall health routine, this course provides the foundation knowledge.This course will take about an hour to complete as you engage with the video, reflect on the lessons, and closely inspect your hair. The course is structured in 3 sections that outline knowledge that you need.What are the Requirements?No prior knowledge is required for this course.No additional materials are required for this course.The Ideal Student:Seeks knowledge about their hair.Has an interest in basic hair structure and growth cycle.Is caring for another's hair.Wants to create a bridge on their hair care journey.You will:Learn what elements hair is made of.See a demonstration on hair typing.Receive instruction for use during hair growth phases.