Series 2 houses Lessons 4-7 a discussion of the psycho-social-educational mechanisms within institutions meant to keep a people oppressed. They are called orbitals. They have many names in social sciences. The challenge with institutionalized orbitals is that they are rarely questioned due to their inculcation within this history, tradition, and culture of the institution. To question the orbital construct is to question the institution.Orbitals are illusions that create norms, fallacies, or arguments that serve to counteract our natural instincts toward kindness, justice, and progress. We believe in and perpetuate these norms, fallacies, or arguments causing us to remain in the grips of an unnatural existence. Lesson 4 provides an overview of orbitals. Lesson 5 discusses grammatical orbitals. Lesson 6 discusses logical orbitals. Lesson 7 discusses rhetorical orbitals.Learning Objectives:Apply human behavior knowledge to at least contradict the patterns forged through intentional oppression over hundreds of years. Utilize behavioral models to reset our sense of language, self-expression, and collaboration toward more sustainable functioning for US-born American Blacks within the United States and the world.Define grammatical, logical, and rhetorical orbitals in the context of behavioral science.Identify examples of the orbitals and a process of awakening that includes self-esteem, purpose promotion, and capacity building.