Black History: UnMaking of a Slave Vol. 1 Series 1


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Volume 1 is an introduction to the ongoing legacy of slavery. As an institution, the practice is abhorrent. And, as a means of psychological bondage it persists as an evil. The text used for this volume is The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slavea letter written with the intention to provide the blueprint for the breaking of human will. It likened the treatment, breeding, and taming of Black men, women, and children to that of breaking wild horses. Beyond the horror experienced at the realization of how cruel one human can be to another, is the revelation of the human behavior truths presented in the text. Meant as a blueprint for the denigration of a people, the truths may be updated in the context of more recent science, reviewed in the context of the plight of Black Americans, and used to construct a way forward.The lessons are presented in a podcast style with minimal visuals. Volume 1 is presented in two separate training series. Series 1 is presented in this training. Series 1 housing Lessons 1,2, and 3 offers the foundation knowledge. Lesson 1 identifies the Willie Lynch plan. Lesson 2 presents the counterpoint to the Willie Lynch doctrine. Lesson 3 presents a reasoned and informed call to action to move beyond prejudice, racism, and racial discrimination.