Master the modeling tools that make Blender one of the most used 3D packages in the World! This course is for students that want a deeper understanding of 3D art.Blender 3D Complete circumvents "quick start" guides and teaches you the tools on a deeper level. You'll build long term memory and skills that can be applied to games, film, and VFX.Learn and master the modeling tool set for this incredible 3D package!Concise videos on each tool.Easy to follow, convenient to reference later.3 different mini projects from beginner to advanced techniques.Large, professional level lab for use in a later animation.Comprehensive instruction in Blender's modeling tools.Broken into volumes for complete, professional instruction.Projects require your creative input. Create your own work!Start your education the right way!You'll receive more education in modeling than most training gives you for the entire software. This course is meant to teach you for a lifetime career or hobby. No shortcuts or holes in your learning here! Just solid, university level instruction!Instruction, reference, quizzes, challenges, and projects! Learn the skills to create a portfolio of your own work. Learn the tools with enough depth to bring your ideas to life.UNCONDITIONAL 30 day money back guarantee!3D Buzz has been teaching students 2D and 3D art for over a decade, and now we're bringing that experience to Udemy. No flash or sales pitch, Just real world, professional training!